Page's .Hugo is deprecated as of 0.55.0

Hi, after upgrading to 0.55.0, I am getting this when I run hugo server:

 Building sites … WARN 2019/04/09 11:16:17 Page's .Hugo is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use the global hugo function.

… but I don’t find anything specific about this “global hugo function” in the docs or in github issues (I’m probably searching the wrong thing).

I assume this is talking about what you might put in your <head>, right? :

{{ printf "<!--Hugo Build Date: %s-->" .Hugo.BuildDate | safeHTML }}
{{ printf "<!--Hugo Commit Hash: %s-->" .Hugo.CommitHash | safeHTML }}
{{ .Hugo.Generator }}

Those are the only references I have to .Hugo in the site I got this error on. Can someone please point me at something that explains this? Thanks in advance.


Which template are those occurrences in?
It may be the case that in your particular template context, what looks like .Hugo is actually .Page.Hugo.

To give a concrete example, this is how I understand it

{{ .Page.Hugo.Generator }} <!-- deprecated -->
{{ $.Hugo.Generator }} <!-- okay -->
{{ hugo.Generator }} <!-- okay -->

thanks @zwbetz, this is my header partial being called by /layouts/index.html. Tried a couple things and just replacing .Hugo in my original example with hugo seems to work:

<!-- Hugo info -->
{{ printf "<!--Hugo Build Date: %s-->" hugo.BuildDate | safeHTML }}
{{ printf "<!--Hugo Commit Hash: %s-->" hugo.CommitHash | safeHTML }}
{{ hugo.Generator }}

After that change, no more build WARN and I still see the expected strings in html source:

<!--Hugo Build Date: 2019-04-08T17:03:33Z-->
<!--Hugo Commit Hash: 4333cc77f-->
<meta name="generator" content="Hugo 0.55.0" />

You are very skilled! But some people reading this may not understand what has been done.

Would it be possible to explain so a broader audience can benefit? :slight_smile:


Even s/\$?\.H/h/ and s/\$?\.Site/site/.

That wasn’t even a real regex & I was just typing quickly, so I’ll amend.

This appears to be completely undocumented, I just checked the docs for .Hugo. Doesn’t appear to be in the release notes either.

It isn’t yet, I don’t think.

Fantastic. This has brought an end to a confused 20 mins, when the documented code generates an error… :slight_smile:


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Docs still not updated.

Feel free to make a PR :slightly_smiling_face: