Error creating new post while following quick start guide

I have exactly the above code in and run in the error:

awesome-blog/archetypes/ (2, 43): unexpected token
Error: (2, 43): unexpected token

my version is Hugo Static Site Generator v0.18.1 BuildDate: 2016-12-30T17:01:10+01:00
installed from debian stretch

i followed two different ‘get started wtih hugo’ and both lead to this error! not a good start!

A poor start indeed. A couple things:

  1. Start a new thread instead of commenting on a 2 year old thread. You can link back to this thread if necessary.
  2. Your Hugo version is very old, which may not match the current guides. Try getting the latest version of Hugo (v0.53) and give it another go.

Thanks for the swift reply.
the version is the current version of the current debian distribution. I have since tested the version on buster and the error disappears.

it would be VERY helpful for beginners (and insure that people trying hugo are not turned away on first attempt) if (at least) the official ‘start hugo’ instructions would say for which version they were tested. I had then quickly figured out my problem.

I did not find instructions how to install hugo on a debian system (except to use the packages) and no instructions on how to upgrade in the documentation. should I conclude that Hugo is for Mac users only?

You should not conclude that. You should make suggestions on improving the documentation, or submit the changes yourself. That’s where we are in the project. Thank you for joining us at this time. :slight_smile:

Install snap on debian:

And then install Hugo via snap. It will always be the latest version.

In the releases link [] there are .deb’s to install. (no RPMs unfortunately for my case).

The root of your problem is the stable distribution vs fast moving project dilemma. As a sysadmin running a significant number of servers, I like the stable distributions. Fast moving projects like this pose a challenge, which is why the projects themselves frequently supply .deb’s. Even then, once I install a version that works, I generally want to stick with it instead of updating to a new (potentially breaking) version when I am not paying attention to the potential breakage. Of course, you have a version that doesn’t work so upgrading to current is the most supported course of action.