Error install latest hugo (v0.17) on ubuntu?

Sorry, I do not know English.[GG translate]

I installed the latest version of hugo: hugo_0.17-64bit.deb
After installation, I run:

hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.11

I thought it must be:

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.17

When I tried all of hugo guide, I often get an error:

ERROR: 2016/10/20 Rendering error: html/template: "theme/taxonomy/tag.html" is an incomplete template


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Hi @cafe4it,

Please run the following command and report what you see:

$ type hugo

On my computer, I see:

hugo is /usr/bin/hugo

I bet you will see something different.

Try also running /usr/bin/hugo version and $GOPATH/bin/hugo version, and I bet you will find the Hugo one installed from .deb, as well the one you built with go get yourself.


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go get -v

It’s worked.