Edit on multiple computers

I made a hugo website on my pc and host it on github now i want to edit it via my laptop.
but when i pull al the material to my laptop and say hugo server then i get error.
Is there a way to edit hugo site on multiple machines?

Yes, there is, but firstly you need to let us know what the error stands for. I am working on macOS on work website and when at work I am working on same website on windows, no issues. I just pull before I start working.

oke the site materials are on a private repo.
the public folder is an submodule.
i can pull my repos to my laptop thats no problem.
when i say hugo server i het the following error: Page Not Found

When you pulling site to new computer are you pulling sub modules as well?

git pull --recurse-submodules

Best is to save your sub modules manually inside your repo rather than relay on remote link. This will prevent your site to go down when one of submodules will not longer be available.

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Yes i pull also the submodules. the submodule is my own repo.
i dont see what is wrong.

You need to pass some more informations.

Have a look on file structure on one computer and on another one. If all is pulled correctly, they shall be identical.

pff iam stupid.
theme was not downloaded to my laptop.