How to properly use hugo on two machines?


I am quite new to Hugo so excuse me if a question is dumb.

Here is what I want to achieve. I have two or more dev vm’s running linux where I have my hugo server and my sites.

I uploaded the whole hugo project into private gtithub repository and everything is working fine. Now I want to run the same hugo project on the other vm.

What is the correct workflow? I was thinking of this:

  • Create empty project with dummy name
  • Download git repository
  • Merge dummy project into git repository
  • Once job finished commit it

THis doesn’t work for me now. I’ve got some errors like

WARN 2019/06/17 08:54:27 Found no layout for “taxonomy”, language “en”, output format “HTML”:

TIA for any help.

How is the theme configured? The error looks like it’s a submodule and you haven’t done a rebase to download it on the second machine.

And with your gift workflow…couldn’t you simply pull the repo onto the second VM, and then commit and push changes? Since it only you working on it, I don’t think you need to merge or branch the repo (unless you want to).

Yeah just git clone it and any submodules to your second system.

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