Easy deployment method without SSH access

Hey guys,

so far I have been updating my website by uploading the entire public/ dir each time. Especially since I use (limited) mobile data a lot, I would like to optimize that process in such a way that I have to upload only the files which have been changed.
Searching the docs for that, I came across the rsync method which I would need SSH access to my server for, though. I don’t have SSH access. So how can I achieve the same/similar without SSH?

Thanks in advance

Do you have FTP? Transfer the complete directory using FTP.

If you have only HTTP, its a different solution.

You need a mechanism to connect your local host to your target server.

Using an intermediate service like Dropbox/S3:
One option for personal use could be to sync the website data to dropbox and use a dropbox client to get the latest information onto the file system

Yes I have FTP :slight_smile: Transfering the complete directory using FTP is what I have done so far :slight_smile:

@inspiritana I worry that I’m starting to sound like I work for Netlify, but if you’re worried about cost, I would really recommend looking at their open source tier (assuming that you are working on an open source project). This will obviate the need for implementing rsync, worrying about the data you upload to the site, etc:


I assume your site is public-facing, and if it is, there are tons of free options for hosting. For example, GitHub pages. Then the only info you’re sending over the wire is your diffs (ie, since you’d be using git for DVCS). This should be negligible in terms of data costs, regardless of whether you’re on mobile. You can use something like Wercker to do the actual build and upload to S3, GH pages, whatever. Check out the tutorials in the docs.

Assuming you have gone through the previous threads in the forum about the same topic of deployments as well as explored through here - https://gohugo.io/tools/#Deployment (does not scroll).

Also, sharing which other services / what control you have on the machine might help provide a better solution.

I have read into Netlify, however, I am not running an open-source project.

TBH, I am not very experienced with webhosting stuff, so all I can tell you is that I am using a shared server of all-inkl.com which I pay for. In my chosen tariff I am able to use: PHP, Perl, MySQL, CronJobs, FTP, SSI.

@inspiritana You don’t need to run an open source project to use it for free. You can use the “Netlify pages” tier for free as well. Or you can use Gitlab pages since they provide native support Hugo. Of course, you are welcome to use whatever you’d like - this is probably just a reflection of my bias towards wanting to not worry about anything on the server…plus, it sounds like you want to save money:)

We’ve been hosting five static web sites on AWS CloudFront for a couple of weeks now. The GUI in the console accepts a zip file of the public folder structure and is smart enough to only upload the changes. Each site is costing about a dollar a month. I have experienced some irregularities; but, they seem to be mostly unique to the theme I have used as my template for all five sites. It’s pretty slick and it’s all done in Windows10

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