[solved]Deployment without Git

Hello Everybody !
As future Hugo user (I didn’t decide yet …), I have a simple question for you: how to deploy a Hugo static website to a web server (i.e Infomaniak) by NOT using Git ?
Probably usefull but in my case I don’t see the utility of the “supplementary step” (local machine -> git repository -> git push -> final host). Rsync or ftp seem me more efficient.

Thank you by advance,

You can write a simple script that

  1. calls hugo
  2. calls lftp
  3. mirrors your local public to your server by
    lftp SERVER
    user USERNAME
    lcd /LOCAL/PATH/TO/public
    mirror -R --parallel=10 -n

Assuming that username has the correct entry-directory after login.

The last one mirrors your local public to remote (`-R) with a maximum of 10 connections parallel and only copies files newer than the ones on your server.

Lots of options, someone will chime in with their rsync script, I’m sure, but here is the tool I’m using to push some of my sites to Amazon S3:

This isn’t so much an rsync script as it is a one line command: https://github.com/hnarayanan/harishnarayanan.org/blob/master/Makefile#L8

The answer of my question is therefore positive: thank you !

And why not to use a simple tool such as Filezilla ?

I’ve used it on windows before, but now I’m versioning my website with git on a private server, every time I push, the site is build by hugo and then uploaded.

FileZilla has a GUI, it’s simple to use and nothing against it. But using scripts for doing all that upload stuff is a much faster way. Another reason for me not to use FileZilla anymore: It was buggy for me - had to re-enter my password 10-15 times for every site-upload.

How to declare “solved” the subject ?

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Why not an ftp client? Because rsync is much faster and you can trigger it easily using a script. Personally, I’m using rsync in zsh functions.