Need help with deploying my website

So I chose a theme, tweaked it like I want it to be. Added few posts and all is done. Website is working on my machine. But I seem to have a problem with GIT client.

What I want -> put website on private repo via GitLab -> use netlify to host my website.

Since I never used GIT terminal before I tried different clients: GitHub client, GitKraken and git-fork. So If I understand correctly I need to clone empty repo from GitLab -> copy and paste my core files into cloned repo on my computer -> stage changes -> commit -> push changes

The problem that I am having is that NOT ALL of the files are transferred to my GitLab repo. Only these folders: static, archetypes and content, and of course config.toml file. But no other folders, even the theme folder is not transferred. Like Git clients can’t see those changes as I don’t see them when I do stage/commit but they are there in the cloned directory.

Tried with command line, though I went through commands quickly but I think that I’ve done everything and seems the same issue.

What is the problem, how do I solve it so that my when I issue PULL request it actually pulls all files? Because from my understanding the only way to upload files is via GIT, haven’t found other way.

First of all, you should go through a git intro so you are familiar with the different functionality:

In your case, I suspect that your files are not tracked in the repo. You need to define which files you want to track with git, also if you are using Netlify you should not upload the public folder as this will be generated by Netlify.

I’m not sure if there’s any problem with only the folders you mentioned being on Gitlab. Are there any files in the other folders?

That you don’t have a theme folder is a bit tricky. Is the theme you’re using in a submodule?

Anyways thanks guys.

What I’ve done is followed steps from this git guide and did everything from command line. First things first added all folders that it couldn’t pick like themes etc. -> commit these changes. Later added other folders and did another commit, then push and everything went through.

Yes at first I had problems with hosting but then I gogoled this submodule and yeah included that and my hosting with my domain is working!

Have another question if some of you might know.

Regarding GDPR and having disqus and google analytics. Is there some quick way to get this thing sorted within Hugo?

Because as I’ve been reading I have to enable people to chose if they want to option for cookies. I have to write like script with js to ask people if they agree and if they do then activate disqus and analytics but if they don’t I either close the website or disable these 2/cookies etc.

How should I deal with GDPR? Just want to make everything safe as I don’t want to risk of being sued in the future.