Install Hugo in host

What are the prerequisites to install Hugo on my own host (not GitHub or Netlify…) ?

Build site locally with the hugo command then upload the contents of the public folder to the equivalent folder in your server.


If you do not want to update always the complete page, either rsync is your friend or other tools which can compare filesize/date and update just changed files.

jute upload hugo website or i have to install hugo on my server ?

You upload the public folder to the root of your server or deploy with rsync as suggested

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If using Windows, you might want to check out rclone rather than rsync:

and when I make an update (change of css, addition of an…etc) how should I do?
Do I have to reload the entire site?

Rclone will only copy changed files (if the transport method used to connect to the site supports detecting that; details of that are on the Rclone website).

That is you do another hugo --gc or hugo --gc --minify (depending on your build details), and then the rclone command on the public directory, as described in the docs in the previous reply, and rclone will upload the changes.

If your transport method supports hashes, then you can even only upload changes even when you delete public and completely regenerate public.

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