Docker Official Repo for Hugo!

Is there any plan to have “our” own Docker Official Repo ( see full list here )?

Want your own Official Repo?

For those looking to create and maintain an Official Repo of their own project, today we’re happy to share guidelines for getting started, along with Dockerfile best practices. After prepping your project according to the guidelines, please contact to coordinate the process of adding your repo to the collection.

see the following:

  1. annuncements:
  2. Guidelines for Creating Official Repositories:
  3. Github docker standard library:

Seems like a good idea. We should definitely do this. I’ve done a quick search and a few people have already made their own repos. We should base our official one off those.

I just released a static linked hugo binary, on a stripped (embedded linux) very small Docker image. With a footprint of 14.19 MB (blog/demo site included), lgs/docker-hugo is the github repo for trusted Docker hub, is intended for experimenting with striped smaller Docker containers, then not suited to be Official Repo.

I would like to bring up this idea again.

I use my docker image with hugo in (admittedly personal) production.
If anyone of you uses my or some other image I would like you to give feedback for improvement.

Any news about an official docker image for Hugo???

I just updated my build infrastructure for the docker image (see, so I will be able to update the image even faster when new versions are released.

Every hugo version is tagged, plus you can use the “latest” tag to always get the most recent and delicious hugo version ;-).

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