Klakegg's wonderful Hugo Docker image update thread

Dear all,

I maintain a continuously up-to-date Docker image with batteries included. The smallest image is just 6,8 MB (as of 0.43) and all the way up to 14,6 MB (as of 0.43) when providing extended edition of Hugo on Alpine, Asciidoctor and ONBUILD support. All Alpine-based images also contains support for a Hugo shell (Bash + Hugo autocompletion). All versions of Hugo since 0.34 are available from Docker Hub.

Images are made available in an unbiased manner, and should work very well for anyone wanting to use them to build their own more specialized image.

All informasjon may be found right here:

I try to make available new images no later than 24 hours after a new Hugo release.


I’ve now also made a Github Action to companion my Docker image(s). It is out of the box ready for the simplest Hugo site, but may also suit those in need of the most impressive build matrixes.

Please find more information right here:

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