Minimal static Hugo/Docker container

Hey there! First post here :slight_smile: Hope it won’t hurt too much :wink:

I’ve created something like a tutorial for running hugo in a minimal docker container. The whole thing is 18.6 MBs. Would be happy if anyone has any suggestions and/or critique.

Here’s the link: link removed because it is dead and it redirects to some other website

Sorry if there is something like this already, I’ve found some similar stuff but nothing exactly like it.


Nice. However a little ironic that you publish this on a Ghost-generated blog :slight_smile:

Yes, I know :smiley: Guilty. Just decided to try hugo today, liked it and decided to build a container with it :smiley: I’ll migrate soon :wink:

Thank you for the enthusiasm and the willingness to share with us your beautiful work, but the link above is no longer available ( is dead ).
Can you upload us here again the code of your Dockerfile/docker-compose.yml file ?

I think it’s quite interesting.
Thank you very much.

This is a 4 year old topic, so it’s normal that the above link is dead. It redirects elsewhere from what I’ve seen so I’m removing it. Also the original poster hasn’t been around this forum for some time.

However if you are looking for other Docker containers with Hugo, you can have a look at this one:

Also here are more search results from Docker Hub.

I’m closing this very old topic. If you have any further questions please open a new topic.

Thank you.