Disqus using folder for post reference

I’m at a loss. I’m using hugo w/ Blackburn. I have disqus, and I’m using a folder structure to keep my posts sorted. Folder structure looks a bit like this:

--> post
     --> 2005
     --> 2016
           -> 05-23-Blogpost.markdown

And for some reason Disqus is only seeing https://myblog/2016/ for the post and comments. Am I not supposed to use folders inside of the post folder? is something in the Blackburn theme making Disqus URL point somewhere it shouldn’t?

I have tried setting the following as Diqus suggests:

        this.page.url = PAGE_URL;  // Replace PAGE_URL with your page's canonical URL variable
        this.page.identifier = PAGE_IDENTIFIER; // Replace PAGE_IDENTIFIER with your page's unique identifier variable

By modifying the partial in Blackburn (disqus.html) to look like this:

        this.page.url = '{{ $.BaseURL }}';
        this.page.identifier = '{{ $.RelPermalink }}';

and still no luck, not sure what I’m doing wrong, if it’s using folders in the “post” directory I really need some better way because I have too many posts to have them all in one folder.

Also, for some reason it’s escaping the information on the live site:

        this.page.url = '\/\/myblog.com\/';
        this.page.identifier = '\/post\/2016\/05-23-Blogpost\/';

Bump - I’m still having this issue…

This is what I see:

For this link: https://room362.com/post/2016/kerberoast-pt3/

Same here. I tried to remove all Disqus infrastructure from Hugo. Did anyone solved it?

Every post was renamed from post/YYYYMMDDXX.md to posts/post-YYYYMMDDXX.md. Magically it started working. Maybe Disqus engine is not considering as a post name those who start with numbers. I don’t know exactly. But this seems to be the solution.