Disqus problem

It also doesn’t load on my site.

I have

BookComments = true
disqusShortname = "https-finalworldview-netlify-app"

But nothing appears, what do I need to add and where ?

I also precise: I use hugo-book, which does support comments and disqus

Please share your site configuration (all of it).

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sure thing baseURL = 'https://finalworldview.netlify.app/' languageCode = 'en-us' title = 'Final Worldview' theme = "hugo-book" publishDir = "public"

BookTheme = ‘dark’
BookSearch = true
BookPortableLinks = true
BookServiceWorker = true
BookTranslatedOnly = true
disablePathToLower = false

BookComments = true
disqusShortname = “https-finalworldview-netlify-app”

enableGitInfo = true

Needed for mermaid/katex shortcodes

unsafe = true

startLevel = 2

languageName = ‘English’
contentDir = ‘content’
weight = 1

languageName = ‘Français’
contentDir = ‘content_fr’
weight = 2

enableInlineShortcodes = false
allow = [‘^dart-sass-embedded$’, ‘^go$’, ‘^npx$’, ‘^postcss$’, ‘micro’]

First, when posting code in this forum, wrap it with three backticks. Example:

my code

Second, you need to place disqusShortname = "https-finalworldview-netlify-app" in the root of your site configuration. You currently have it within the params table.

Same with enableGitInfo = true and disablePathToLower = false.

Ok now the root is

baseURL = '[https://finalworldview.netlify.app/](https://finalworldview.netlify.app/)'
languageCode = 'en-us'
title = 'Final Worldview'
theme = "hugo-book"
publishDir = "public"
disqusShortname = "https-finalworldview-netlify-app"
enableGitInfo = true

Moving enableGitinfo caused: ERROR 2022/08/17 19:52:17 Failed to read Git log: fatal: ni ceci ni aucun de ses répertoires parents n'est un dépôt git : .git

Not moving it was fine, and discus appeared. Thanks :wink:

[quote=“Mehdi_Saada, post:5, topic:40051”]
Not moving it was fine

If you keep enableGitinfo = true under [params] it is meaningless.
Place it in the root and set it to false if your code base isn’t under Git version control.

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