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I am in the process of building a Hugo site (With Papermod theme) to replace my Wordpress site.

When using Wordpress I used Disqus as a commenting system and my current post links are formatted like this https://domain.com/post-title/

I have read the documentation as much as I can find for Disqus with Hugo, can I assume that if I keep the URL syntax the same with Hugo that the comments will carry over to my posts?


Since the comments were and will be managed by Disqus, this is a Disqus issue. They do seem to provide migration options even when URLs are different however, if URLs are indeed the same, comments should work without any issue.

For information on how to easily integrate Disqus with Hugo, you may refer the internal templates with more configure settings here.

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Thank you, I just wanted to seek confirmation if the URL remains unchanged that the migration is successful. Based on others experiences.

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