Display all content in a multilingual list template

Hello everyone,

new user here, so apologies if I didn’t RTFM correctly.

I’m building a multi-lingual website, and have mostly figured out how to set things up. However, I haven’t managed to override Hugo’s default behavior of excluding untranslated content from translated list pages.

To clarify, I have the following file structure:

- jobs
   - job1.md
   - job2.md
   - job1.fr.md
   - job3.fr.md
- jobs
   - list.html
   - list.fr.html
   - single.html

Currently, when I navigate to the default (English) version I see job1 and job2 listed; when I go to the French version, I see job1 and job3.
How can I list all available content, whether there exists a translation or not? My desired outcome is that the English version will contain job1, job2, and job3 (in French), and that the French version will contain job1, job2 (in Englih) and job3.

Thanks in advance for your help.

[edit] clarified the post subject. No replies so far… Am I the only one with this use case ?

No what you need is not possible. I think.

I edited my original answer because the i18n is only for translation, it has nothing to do with rendering posts.