Render multilingual content from the same template

How does Hugo associate content from different languages as the same template? For example, I have set up the localization, and am able to localize a ‘page’ in two languages- spanish and english - as in the example below. Thus, the “contact” page correlates to “contacto” in spanish. However, when opening content that uses a list template (this also includes the use of an file), it seemingly wants to list content from the /posts directory. I have verified this because the two entries that show up are in the “posts” folder, and not the “poetry” folder. The /posts directory is originally a part of the theme I am using, but I would like not to use the name “posts”. So, in this example I would like to match “poetry” to “poesia”. How would Hugo correlate the two so that when using the language selector link, it can pivot between both easily? The language selector also works for the “contact” link, but it disappears when opening the link to /en/poetry - as though it has no knowledge of the the equivalent translation. Further, it also does not show the right content.

name = "Poetry"
url = "/en/poetry/"
weight = 4

....[other menu sections here]...

name = "Poesia"
url = "/es/poesia/"
weight = 4

name = "Contacto"
url = "/es/contacto"
weight = 5

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