Difficulty making active links

I’m using the Hugo Academic Theme, hosting on Github. The website is here

If you scroll down on the first page to education the links that I’ve made are somehow not active.

PhD in Political Science, 2008 [Queen's University](http://www.queensu.ca), Kingston, Canada

When I look in the source code of the index.html file that is generated, this link looks like this:

<li> <i class="fa-li fa fa-graduation-cap"></i> <div class="description"> <p class="course">PhD in Political Science, 2008</p> <p class="institution">[Queen&#39;s University](http://www.queensu.ca), Kingston, Canada</p> </div>

I thought that you would be able to use standard markdown in with Hugo to generate things like URLs. Am I doing something wrong?

What’s the full Markdown source for that page?


# About/Biography widget.
widget = "about"
active = true
date = "2016-04-20T00:00:00"

# Order that this section will appear in.
weight = 5

# List your academic interests.
  interests = [
    "Political Communication",
    "Politics of Risk Perception",
    "Political Parties"

# List your qualifications (such as academic degrees).
  course = "PhD in Political Science"
  institution = "[Queens University](https://www.queensu.ca), Kingston, Canada"
  year = 2008

  course = "MA in Political Science"
  institution = "[Queen's University](http://www.queensu.ca), Kingston, Canada"
  year = 2004

  course = "BA (Hons.) in Political Science"
  institution = "[University of Alberta](http://www.ualberta.ca), Edmonton, Canada"
  year = 1999
  course = "Exchange Semester"
  institution= "[Philipps-Universität Marburg](http://uni-marburg.de), Germany"
  year= 1997

# Biography

Random text

I should note: by pasting this code in the comment, I see the links are actually working perfectly.

[FYI, if you edit this with three backticks on their own line at the beginning and end, the forum software will post the literal text instead of parsing it as Markdown.]

I downloaded a copy of the theme and searched for where it displays the education fields from the front matter (layouts/partials/widgets/about.html). The institution field is included literally, like so:

<p class="institution">{{ .institution }}</p>

To parse embedded Markdown, you need to add markdownify:

<p class="institution">{{ .institution | markdownify }}</p>


Worked great. Thank you!