[SOLVED] Academic Theme: Link in Menu to an Element not Shown per Default on the Site

I built myself a website using hugo and the academic theme today. With the academic theme, all content is shown on a single page, which allows you to conveniently scroll down. I actually like this, but I want to have a page which does not appear on the single scroll down page. Instead, I want to have a link in the menu, that when pressed opens this page/section. I spent an hour searching in the documentation how to implement this feature but didn’t find it. Can anyone help?

You can just create a Markdown file and link to it from the menu. See https://sourcethemes.com/academic/docs/managing-content/#create-a-page and https://sourcethemes.com/academic/docs/get-started/#menu . There is a normal page in the example site too: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gcushen/hugo-academic/master/exampleSite/content/privacy.md

Also, these forums and the Hugo docs have a lot of info on creating a normal Markdown page and linking to it.

Thank you. That helped me a lot.