Html problems in Academic theme?

I have a site using the Academic theme. Recently, when I upgraded Hugo, some html that I inserted into markdown stopped working.

Specifically, line breaks (<br>) within Markdown tables in this file are not rendered on the site.

Also, a Tableau table embedded in an iframe at the top of this file does not show up on the site.

Both of these functions worked previously. I’ve updated Academic, too, but I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong.

In Hugo v0.60.0 the markdown engine was change to Goldmark.

In your config file, you’ll need to tell Hugo that processing HTML is ok.

Have a look at the example config here:

(Don’t worry about the setting being called unsafe. This doesn’t mean it’s a ‘bad’ thing to do, just that the HTML won’t be checked or produced by Hugo, so if there’s anything badly formatted, don’t blame Hugo/Goldmark!)