Determine which version of hugo I used in a previous build

I use hugo for my personal academic website. I set it up awhile ago, and I’ve been able to update it whenever I wanted to.

Recently, I switched to a new machine and have had to re-install a lot of software. It seems like the latest version of hugo doesn’t work with my website. When I google my problem, it seems that it is an issue with more recent versions of hugo. So I tried installing an older version, but that version also throws errors.

My question is: Can I determine which version of Hugo I was using for previous build? Like is there a metadata file that is stamped with “built by hugo 0.XX”? You can see the framework for my site ( and the built site at (

Uh. I don’t see any valid link.

Hi @mcooper, as @sephore says, we don’t see valid links in your post.

What you can do to check is to have a look at the built site and inspect the HTML. Look in the <head> tags, see if there is a meta tag for generator, for example:

<meta name="generator" content="Hugo 0.74.3">

This assumes however that the disableHugoGeneratorInject config option was not set to true.

Hi @pointyfar and @sephore,

Thanks so much for the speedy responses.

I’m not sure why the links weren’t working, I just edited the post so they should work now.

In the <head> tags I see:

<meta name="generator" content="Source Themes Academic 4.4.0">

But not Hugo, unfortunately.


Hmmm… Right, I think we can at least say it’s not below 0.55.0 since the line min_version = "0.55" can be found in the theme.toml.