Default timeout value

I am looking for clarification before updating the documentation…

  • The documentation indicates a default value of 10000ms (10s).
  • PR #6535 was to have increased this to 30000ms (30s).
  • I think this code sets it to 3000ms (3s), but I could be wrong.

Which is correct?

Also, it looks like you can set the timeout value in the site configuration to either an integer or a string (example: 30000 or “30000”). Based on the output of hugo config I thought I could provide a duration (example: “30s”), but that seems to be ignored, reverting to the default value.


I think this should be 30000 instead of “30s”:

With this change, we would fall back to 3000 (3s) when the timeout value in site config is <= 0 or a string that can’t be converted to a integer.

This might explain some intermittent getJSON errors.


Disregard. Red herring. I was looking at an unused value. Timeout value in site configuration can be specified as a duration or in milliseconds.

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