Default values for some config properties are not listed

Hello! Can somebody provide default values for the following config properties (if they are just undocumented):

  • newContentEditor
  • noChmod
  • noTimes
  • relativeURLs
  • rssLimit
  • watch


I’ve updated the documentation.


You can add cleanDestinationDir which is not here:


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Check out this commit where @jmooring added that documentation recently: Update · gohugoio/hugoDocs@0fc1d21 · GitHub

Do you want to attempt updating the doc yourself? It’s pretty easy creating a patch PR directly from a browser.

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My English is not good enough to pretend to write documentation.
For forum contributions, it is (maybe) acceptable. But not good enough for official documentation.

You only need to add

**Default value**: <whatever value>

That’s why we have the PR system :slight_smile: Don’t overthink! Just send a PR.

Also, if we can have a conversation here that both of us can understand, you are qualified to contribute to the documentation. :+1:


This also needs to be documented since rssLimit does not work with the RSS template.

  limit = xx

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