Config setting `timeout`: incorrect documentation!?

Concerning the config setting timeout, official documentation states:

Timeout for generating page contents,
specified as a duration or in milliseconds.

In my hugo.yml, I’m declaring:

timeout: 20

I expect that the operation times out after 20 ms. After 20 seconds, however, I’m getting:

Error: error building site:...
partial "foo.html" timed out after 20s.
This is most likely due to infinite recursion.
If this is just a slow template, you can try
to increase the 'timeout' config setting.

Is the documentation incorrect here?

Can you do a quick test with v0.111.3 or earlier?

hugo 0.111.3

partial "foo.html" timed out after 20ms.

Looks like behaviour changed here with recent versions of hugo.

I’m pretty sure this is a docs issue (I just checked the code, and it’s copied from the origin), and anyhow it will not be changed so we might as well change the documetaion.

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Docs updated with de8bdded.