Hugo taxonomy / term page layout issue

I am creating a blog on my webpage. It’s supposed to be a subfolder so we have e.g. /blog/, which extends its own separate layout placed in a different folder in /layouts. I wanted to use the taxonomy feature, however I found that I couldn’t change the layout template which the terms and category post list page is using. It always seems to work off the root, I can’t find a way to attach the taxonomy.html and terms.html to my whole /blog/ page.

Is there any way to work around this? Or do I have to stick with the root /categories URL for the terms / taxonomy?

Is it not setting your URL with subfolder in baseURL in config?

I highly doubt that would work here. The blog is just a tiny part of the whole big website. The baseURL has to stay on the root, unless I missunderstood your idea

As I understand, you got a website already and in blog you want to have Hugo website right?
Or is the Hugo the main website, and you want a /blog/ on its own.

in 1st case, as I mentioned with baseURL,
in 2nd case

    tags = "/blog/tag/:slug/"

Yes, I have a big hugo website already, now I just want to integrate a small blog within it.

The solution you suggested works, but the issue is with the layout not working as I want it. I need to have the exact same layout templates which are used for /blog/ also be applied to the /blog/tag/:slug/ page. That solution still takes the default base layout, and I just can’t find a way to work around that without having to do some ugly conditionals inside the base layout, which I would love to avoid

Thanks a lot though