Confused on how to change format of a page

I’m using the Ananke theme and I have things mostly working on my site. you can see it here:

The default formatting for a page within a section, or any other .md file that I don’t put in a posts folder gets formatted all centered.

E.g. see Porsche Option Decoder | Kindel

I cannot figure out how to change the formatting on this page. I want the font smaller. I want the content left-aligned. I want to apply styles to the table I’ve inserted.

I’ve read the docs over and over and I’m obviously missing some concept because this should not be so hard.


There is a section about “Custom CSS” at

If you know CSS it should be possible to override any theme styles.

I didn’t explain very well.

If you look at you’ll see a page that is formatted like I want. So it’s not a matter of custom CSS (which I already figured out) looks like this:

title: "Privacy"
date: 2020-09-08T13:33:54-07:00
draft: false

## Who we are...

Note, no type: .

The problem is no matter what I put for type: in my front matter of a page further up the heirachy (e.g. /porsche/options/ I get the formatting you see at Porsche Option Decoder | Kindel

How can I modify /porsche/options/ with the right type:, layout:, or whatever to get it to use the template that / is using??

I see, please post a link to your repo and I’m sure we can find a solution.