Could a site like this be done in Hugo?

I’m wondering if a website like this:

could be done in Hugo? Also check out the main homepage of that site. Pretty incredible design work.

I would say that if you get that designer to work for you, you could do just about anything. As to the Hugo part, my guess is that yes, this should be doable. But the design part needs some real chops.


you are not kidding.

Short answer. Yes.

Longer answer. You can do this and even better. But it will take a bit of time and quite a bit of CSS/ JS. Basically you will need a custom framework for this. The ready made frameworks can limit your design choices when you want something different than the rest.

And of course you need solid typographic and or illustration skills depending on how far you’re willing to go.

Hugo is not a problem. You can do all this with Hugo 0.26.

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You probably have to invest most of your time into the design. The website seems to use something like infinity-scroll to load new content while the user is scrolling. Custom output formats should allow you to create a JSON file with the content & media that should be displayed.

The rest is a has to be done by a client side JS script and a really talented designer.

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Nothing there that you couldn’t do in Hugo, though the size of the site would eventually be prohibitive. I think that’s push-state for the page transitions. It’s on a custom CMS created by an agency called Code and Theory.


Outside of just design, you’re going to have to get pretty slick on the JS side, as @budparr already alluded to with pushState. That said, it does seem like these are still server-rendered HTML pages (i.e., disable JS and everything still just works).

I’m impressed since when I first checked it out on mobile, I figured the behavior seems much more like a client-side rendered a la Murakami (, which uses WP as a “headless” CMS.

Another thing to note is how skilled these folks are with Photoshop and their photography treatments in general. My guess is that there were a number of folks who put this together.

BuiltWith doesn’t show a CMS. Curious as to how you figured that out, @budparr?

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@gaetawoo Thanks for sharing, since I’ll likely be “borrowing” their drop caps design on a little side project I’m working on for a friend :smile:

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The infinite scroll I’m less interested in but the rest of the design work and layout stuff… that really is cool. Way beyond my imagination, but it’s good to know that content-wise, there’s nothing that’s not hugo compatible.

as for infinite scrolling, and many other great JS features, check out this site:

But… wait a sec. ,

or what am i missing, if we are talking about the ‘infiniteScroll’ UX , this above mentioned impressive website, is not showing it anymore or am i missing somehting ? I mean… you need to press the ‘Read More’ button at the end of the page… as from my experience

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