New Hugo based website (landingpage) -

Hello community, I want to share a new website (landing page at first), but with the idea of growing with more content, which I had the opportunity to code for a friend.

I want to share more about the tech specs:

My idea was to develop a very fast, mobile-first and scalable page design with minimal code.

  • Built with Hugo, no theme.
  • Hosted on Cloudflare and deploy integrated with Github.
  • HTML and CSS from scratch with no frameworks.
  • A minimum of JavaScript using AlpineJS and a ParticleJS lib for hero animation.
  • About Forms I love to use Formspark

I’m confortable to work with Hugo after 4-5 projects, I didn’t had the opportunity to work in big project yet with a lot of content but, this is the next goal.

I’ve got some performance tests and I’m going to fix a few small things.
Thanks for this space and I appreciatte any feedback.

GT Metrix: Latest Performance Report for: | GTmetrix
YellowLab: Yellow Lab Tools - Page Speed audit


Don’t forget to test accessibility issues (e.g.


Yes, nice catch. Doing now! =)