How to connect infinite scrolling to a page on hugo?

there is a code that pulls up content from md files

{{ define "main" }}

<div class="responsive-margins xl:pt-32 " x-data="{
  data: {},
  filterApplied: false,
  selectedStudy(id) {
    let selected = false;

    if (! {
      return false;
    }[id].forEach(category => {
      if (!![category].selected) {
        selected = true;

    return selected;
  selectedCategoryType(category) {
    if (! || ![category]) {
      return '';
  toggleCategory(category) {
    console.log(;[category].selected = ![category].selected;

    let isFiltered = false;      
    for (let c in {
      if ([c].selected) {
        isFiltered = true;

    this.filterApplied = isFiltered;
  clearAll() {
    this.filterApplied = false;
    for (let category in {[category].selected = false;
  x-init="data = (await (await fetch('./index.json')).json())">

    <p class="text-header-1-mobile xl:text-header-1 font-bold pt-24 pb-8">Newsroom 
        <span class="text-base-mobile xl:text-header-5 font-normal ml-4"><a class="underline" href="mailto:">Contact us for media enquiries</a>
    <div class="pb-20">
      <div class="flex flex-wrap gap-1 xl:gap-2 responsive-margins mb-5">
        <span class="mr-5 text-base cursor-pointer" :class="!filterApplied ? 'border-2 bg-dark text-white py-2 px-5 rounded-full' : 'border-2 py-2 px-5 rounded-full'" @click="clearAll()">All</span>
        {{ range $taxonomyname, $taxonomy := .Site.Taxonomies }}
          {{ with $.Site.GetPage (printf "/%s" $taxonomyname) }}
            {{ if eq $taxonomyname "categories" }}
              {{ range $key, $value := $taxonomy }}
                class="mr-5 cursor-pointer"
                :class="selectedCategoryType('{{.Page.Title}}') == true ? 'border-2 bg-dark text-white py-2 px-3 rounded-full' : 'border-2 py-2 px-3 rounded-full'" 
              {{ end }}
            {{ end }}
          {{ end }}
        {{ end }}

    <div id="wrapper" class="infinite-scroll">
    {{ range first 5 .Pages }}
      <div class="my-item content xl:grid xl:grid-cols-2 gap-20 pb-40" x-show="!filterApplied || selectedStudy('{{ .File.UniqueID }}')">
          <a class="cursor-pointer" 
          href="{{ }}">  
            <img class="w-full h-auto" src="{{ .Params.preview | absURL }}" alt="">
          <a class="cursor-pointer" 
          href="{{ }}">  
            <div class="flex flex-col gap-4">
              <div class="green-bar hidden xl:block"></div>
              <h4 class="text-header-2-mobile xl:text-header-2 font-bold pt-8">{{ }}</h4>
              <p class="text-base-mobile xl:text-header-5">{{ .Params.description }}</p>
              <div class="text-base-mobile xl:text-blog-metadata pt-8 flex">
                <p class="xl:pt-0 pt-1.5">{{ }} | <span class="ml-1">{{- .Date.Format "Jan 2, 2006" -}}</span> </p>
    {{ end }}

{{ end }}

at the moment it outputs the first five posts of all, but I can’t figure out how to enable infinite scrolling when the user has reached the end of the page

I tried to connect via plugins, but they request additional parameters in the form of the address of the next page to be loaded. But there is no address, since the content is a continuous stream

please help me, I’ve been struggling with this for a very long time

the issue is resolved.
connected the script

Good for you. But if you ask here, it would be nice to also post the solution in case someone else has this or a similar issue.

Not related to Hugo in any way though, is it?

this is not a completely correct infinite scroll, but it works
I added this script

var posts = document.querySelectorAll('[id=post]');
var endOfContent = document.getElementById('endOfContent');
var t = 9

// Display first 10 posts
for(let i = 0; i <= t; i++) {

window.addEventListener('scroll', (event) => {    
  // Print next 6 posts after reaching the end 
  if (endOfContent.offsetTop * 0.8 <= window.scrollY) {
    for(let i = t + 1; i <= t + 6; i++) {
    t = t + 6;

and wrapped the content necessary for scrolling in a separate div
and added a counter to the daughter div
and added a block with id=“endOfContent”

{{ range $index, $element := .Pages }}
    <div class="hidden" id="post">
      <div data-page="{{ $index }}">  scroll content  </div>
{{ end }}
    <div id="endOfContent"></div>

In fact no
But I needed the function of infinite scrolling on the page, Hugo does not have built - in functionality for this, as far as I understood. There was no option to simply connect an infinite scroll, because there is no server that js would access to call new posts, I had to work with crutches

done, posted a solution that helped me

@Juliya_Badrtdinova This part throws an error in the console

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'classList')

So only scroll content appears in the layout on the frontend.

check if you have added the classes correctly and they are on your page

I copied your code 'as it is`. Are you sure you haven’t left out any code?

show your code, let’s see together)

js code added everything related to infinite scrolling

Here is a fresh Hugo site. Just download it, extract and run hugo server.

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