Contributing to Docs: which branch?

Hi everyone,

just joined the forums, my very first post!

I would like to contribute to Hugo docs — ie: the documentation site at

What I am not sure is wether I should work on the master branch or in branch.

What’s the difference between them? Which one should I fork and branch from, and to which one should I create pull requests to?

I’ve been reading the various pages on contributing, but I’m still confused on the branches…


Tristano Ajmone (Italy) = what gets deployed to

We work on the master branch. For documentation we also merge the relevant changes into the (the docs about the existing features).

Does it mean that branch has extra material?

My idea was to contribute to the website. If I’ve understood correctly, I just serve the /docs/ folder of master branch as a Hugo project, branch it and work on it; and merging to the website branch is taken care automagically (or by admins), so I shouldn’t worry about it, just stick to master and I’m fine. Is that correct?

So the guidelines are the same, regarding document contents.

No, the other way around: Master will, eventually, have extra meterial.

In short: Create PRs on master.