Is the documentation included with Hugo install?

Sorry if my question is a little bit naive, but I seem to remember that the documentation was included in Hugo, so when you installed Hugo you had the documentation locally. It was the case or it was just a dream? If yes, is that still the case? If so, how can I read the documentation locally?

Just few words about the context of my question: if I want to install an old version of Hugo, am I able to run the corresponding documentation?

I guess that the releases numbers are the same for hugo and hugoDocs, so it can be another way to switch both Hugo version and its documentation.

We bundle the documentation as part of the source distribution, but it’s not in the binary (which would be cool, but would also make the binary … big).

What you can do is:

git clone
git checkout v0.113.0
cd docs
hugo server

Thanks for the complete answer! As I can see the docs in hugo is maintained in (almost) the same time as the hugoDocs repository, and the reverse is also true. So I’m just curious how you (and perhaps @jmooring and other folks) do that. What is the protocol or the process to not go crazy? (Now I’m clearly off the initial topic, I guess.)

When a feature is created or changed, we update the docs in the in the hugo repo. Then, upon release, the changes are merged into the hugo docs repo.

We make miscellaneous corrections/improvements in the docs repo. Then, when there’s a minor version release (or as needed), we merge the docs repo back into the hugo repo.


Ok! Thanks for the explanation!

On the technical level, the /docs folder in the hugo repo is a Git sub tree:

GitHub doesn’t support regular sub modules for their source distributions.