Should hugoDocs live on a separate repo?

I opened a PR three weeks ago to Hugo Docs and I haven’t received an answer to whether or not it was good enough to be pulled.

Contributors are really busy and they are volunteering their time to keep the repositories going, I value and understand that. But to be honest I’m a bit frustrated because the change was a 1-line phrase rewording just to see how the PR system worked. I expected it to serve as experience for my next contribution but now I’m worried that I’ll spend time on something that is going to end up marked as stale.

I think that it might be easier to handle all the Hugo-related issues, docs included, on a single repository.

There is much more activity on the main repo than in the documentation repo. There are more (closed) issues and PRs on much more difficult topics than documentation. Wouldn’t it be more effective to keep the docs within the main project, where there’s a better chance that someone will handle it?

PS: I didn’t mean to sound like a crybaby… but yet I did :sweat_smile:

I am not sure what’s going on, because there IS a hugodocs repository around.

If you want to change the docs, then add a PR to the docs repo… What am I misssing?

Waaaaaait… are you complaining because nobody reacts to your PR to the hugodocs repo? Come on :wink:

Yep :sweat_smile:

I, ehm, merged your PR. Hope that will get me some leverage down the line :wink:

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And, yeah, HugoDocs should live on a separate repo :wink:

Thanks @davidsneighbour.

It’s not nice to feel that you are talking to a wall, specially if you want to improve things. There are many buried PRs that represent many people that might never contribute again, so it’s important to at least give an answer.

Any reason why should they live separately? Go’s repo has practically all the issues of varied topics there, even though there are 10x more issues than in Hugo. There’s a dedicated tag for Documentation. What about that structure wouldn’t work for Hugo?

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