Content not being built if there's no content?

I know, really bad title, but can’t come up with anything better.

I spent over an hour on this, I have content files that I’m using to hold the data, I don’t need actual content, I have my content/media

filled with md files such as:

draft: true
active: false
date: 2021-05-12T15:03:36-07:00
title: "Some title"
weight: 1

And for whatever reason it doesn’t get built out if I don’t have any text under the ---, is there a reason for this? Or how can I force it to create a media directory?

You do not need to have “content” (stuff after front matter) for a page to be built, but you need to run hugo -D to include pages with draft: true.

Thank you, that was it.

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