No content is being generated when I build

I have built a small Hugo site, with a structure built as:

— posts
— projects
------ aToH
--------- aToH
------ iToH
--------- iToH
--------- iToH

t works fine when running hugo server -D, but when I try to build it using hugo or hugo -D, the Public folder doesn’t have the projects or posts folders, which is causing a 404 error when I upload it to my web server. I have confirmed that none of my posts are set to draft = "true". All are either draft = "false" or just don’t have the draft parameter at all. Also, all the dates are in the past.

What am I doing wrong?

Aaargh, it never fails. You post a detailed question, and the next time you try the thing you asked about, it works fine.

Turns out there was a rogue file in root. I killed it and it works great now.