Confusing warning message with new theme

Started a new theme from scratch using hugo new theme phoggy, added theme = "phoggy" to my config.toml, then did a quick hugo server to confirm that everything was set up and was slightly puzzled by the error message:

Started building sites ...
Your rendered home page is blank: /index.html is zero-length
 * Did you specify a theme on the command-line or in your
   "." file?  (Current theme: "phoggy")
 * For more debugging information, run "hugo -v"

The error was expected since I haven’t added anything to the theme yet. The confusing part was the reference to your "." file. What is that supposed to mean? I understand why I’m getting an error with a new theme. I just want to understand the wording of the error message.

The message is from ./hugolib/site.go and uses %q against filepath.Base(viper.ConfigFileUsed()). That means that it’s always printing out the name of the directory that the config file is in, not the actual name of the config file. Doesn’t seem like that is the intention here. Should I open an issue on github for it?

This is with a build from this morning:

$ hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.20-DEV-6EDDB3E5 darwin/amd64 BuildDate: 2017-03-19T12:24:14-05:00