Configure authentication (SAML, OpenID ...)

Dear support,

I would like to protect my Hugo website behind an identity provider such as SAML or OpenID.
Is there a module existing for that ?
Or is there a way to detect if a user has a valid session on the backend before to display the site ?


This is something you need to implement at the web server. Since Huge generates static sites there is nothing it can do about this.

An easy solution is to put something like Cloudflare in front of your site. They have a access feature that can use a number of backends.

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Dear frjo,

thanks for your feedback.
Do you mean Hugo does not support sessions natively ?


Hugo is a STATIC website creation tool. Static webpages don’t have dynamic features like sessions. Sessions by the way are a feature of the webserver they are running on.

Netlify offers authentication tools. Other providers too. It depends on your setup.