Static site behind login?


I’d like to have a part of a static site build with Hugo behind a login. Any experiences with this?

I wonder if there is any service that would allow maintaining users & passwords?

Any pointer appreciated

Netlify has password protection (I think).

Depending on how you host/want to host you can use htaccess files in order to use HTTP Basic Auth. For this you need at least a webhost which allows you to manage your site via a control panel like plesk. Otherwise if you have a vserver or root server you can do this by yourself. For other hosts like gitlab or Netlify I cannot help you unfortunately as I’m hosting my hugo sites on a webhost with SSH access and thus I can implement Basic Auth if I need it.

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Netlify has a Password Protection but that is only for Premium Users! If you want to keep your site protected then you’ll have to get another hosting, then you can password protect it using .htaccess rules!

Netlify’s free plan has ‘identity service’ as their pricing page says. The documentation page for that feature says:

This allows you to manage and authenticate users on your site or app, without requiring them to be users of Netlify or any other service. You can use this for gated content, site administration, and more.

(Looking at that documentation page this feature looks pretty nice, actually, so it’s not only possible but doable and nicely too. :slight_smile: )

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This is correct, but Netlify does charge for this functionality.

Disclaimer: I work for Netlify

Identity is free (and is currently in Beta so pricing is subject to change after launch) but you can’t gate content in general using it without a paid account since you need this paid feature.

It’s useful for many things - for instance, it’s free to use to authenticate to limit use of our CMS for instance - but just putting authentication in front of a page it’s not able to do for free. This article talks through how to gate content if you do pay for that premium feature:

I know.

Disclaimer: I don’t host with Netlify.