Login page for users

Hi Team… I am trying to see if we can have specific user logins created and render pages for each users.

Trying to see if we can have user registration and then have each users login . Menu can be customized for each user.

Hugo’s a static site generator and as such, does not itself have a concept of user logins. You can make author pages, as a number of themes have. You could see if something like Netlify CMS or Forestry could help you?

@tompaps ı am also looking for a similar solution…Are you able to find any ?

@RickCogley Could you please share any reference theme that have auth page without using any CMS ?

How about using Google :slight_smile:

Nothing changed with Hugo being a static website generator, so NO you can’t create websites per user and you can’t create user accounts or let users login with Hugo. You can create websites, that (via Javascript) are protected against visitors and configure user accounts via tools like Netlify Identity.

But again: STATIC means it’s not for DYNAMIC uses. You are using a broom to build a house.