Commonmark -> Goldmark -> Hugo - Chinese puncutation and the Bold Tag

It seems that the Commonmark spec has an issue with the use of the asterisk and double asterisk ** and * (Bold and Italic respectively), which Goldmark them implements and continues onto Hugo.

The issue being the above Markdown tags simply don’t work for Chinese characters in markdown under certain cases.

The below thread covers this in more detail than I could hope to communicate:

A specific case would be:


Markdown → Goldmark → Hugo would render these asterisks simply as asterisks.

In the case of:


Markdown → Goldmark → Hugo would render these asterisks correctly as bold.

It’s a bit of an edge case, but it is an inconsistent output due to a somewhat widely spoken languages issues.

For now I simply hard code the <b> tags in the markdown files in question.

But I would love if someone more knowledge could cross check, as I’m doing a lot of CJK work right now and would like to keep everything consistent…

Thank you for everyone’s time.

So it seems the issue is this:
This bolds text
**This bolds text**
The asterisk’ on the left know it’s applying to the text to it’s right.
The asterisk’ on the right know they are applying to the text to it’s left.
This is, I seem to understand, made possible by an attribute of western text (spacing/spaces specifically) which define the rightness and leftness through spaces.
As Chinese does not have this, this doesn’t work.
It’s a CommonMark issue from what I’ve know understood. So… Ce’est la vie for now.