Intra-word italics

Relevant MultiMarkdown (MMD) example:

"Well, hel*lo* there! *(Ahem)* I *said*: 'Well, hel**lo** there!'"

Preview from multiple MMD apps, including Marked 2, as well as the preview window I’m viewing as I write this post:

“Well, hello there! (Ahem) I said: ‘Well, hello there!’”

But Hugo produces this, instead:

“Well, hel*lo* there! (Ahem) I said: ‘Well, hello there!’”

So the issue is not with intra-word formatting in general but just intra-word italics. (Tried underscores rather than asterisks; same result.) Am using Hugo 0.55.5, but don’t know if this is related to only that version.

While the need for intra-word italics is infrequent, it does sometimes exist. Any way around this in Hugo? Thanks in advance.

A non markdown solution would be to use <em> tags

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Oh, absolutely, sure. I just wondered whether there’s a Hugo-compatible way to do it without HTML. Was particularly curious about why Hugo accepts intra-word boldface but not intra-word italics.

Hugo uses Blackfriday to render markdown, so it’s likely something that library does. You might get what you want by playing with If you want to know why Blackfriday does something, I recommend asking in the project’s issue queue. :slight_smile:

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Will do. Thanks, @maiki.