Goldmark: Unicode characters removed in auto-generated title IDs

Everything fine in local but after deployment, my id title auto generate by markdown doesn’t display the punctuation( ', é, ?, … ) and break my bookmarks.

Here an example :

1. Résilience

In local, the title id on my h2 is “1-résilience”
after deployment, the title id on my h2 is “1-rsilience”

Any ideas ? :slight_smile:

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Which Hugo version is used locally and which one is used for deployment?

That’s it, the version used locally is 0.59 and for deployment is 0.61

I’ve uptaded my version locally to 0.61 and now, i have the problem on the two side.

It’s because of the new Markdown renderer Goldmark not handling Unicode characters in anchors, see

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Can you tell me where i have to put the code that we have in the usage section of the readme ?

I recommend you wait until the following issue is closed, rather than use the extension directly in any way.


thanks you :slight_smile: