Cocoa theme not displaying markdown

I changed to a new theme (Cocoa) but none of the markdown in my posts have transferred over. When I was writing a new post, I used the same Markdown that was used in the demo/example website for Cocoa but it did not work despite working for the demo site. I went through all the files and code in hopes to find something missing but the single.html file for the blog posts contains <div class="markdown"> with {{ .Content }} within the div so I don’t see why it isn’t working. Any thoughts?

I recommend taking Cocoa theme issue up with the theme author at his GitHub repo.

Since his markdown works fine on his own example site, could it be due to me switching over from a different theme? Perhaps certain things did not transfer over well? I’m not sure if this is something the author of the theme would know about because his code appears to work for his demo.

@amy_shi Best bet is to point to a repo so that people on the message boards can take a look. You’re asking about your own site, the demo site, and a previous theme. You can also include (if any) errors you’re getting to the console.

I’m not getting any errors which is why pinpointing the problem is that much harder. Here is the link to the repo for the theme I just switched to, and here is the repo for my old theme.

Okay, how about the repo for the site that you are building since you said it isn’t an issue on either of the theme sites? Then we can look at your source and see the issue. Otherwise, it’s all a stab in the dark. One thing you might want to check is to see if one theme requires different front matter. If the templates need to pull front matter values in one and not the other, that might be why content isn’t rendering. Again, just a stab in the dark.