Markdown Issue

Even after specifying the format in Content / **.md as shown below in 2 ways, I still can’t see the bullet options.

  • First bullet
  • Second bullet
  • Third way

I am new to hugo and understanding the aspects . Does this got any relation to the way the html file is laid down . Its referenced as single.html in my themes ( Is that an Issue ?

I thought I answered this question, but now checking back I don’t see my answer. So I think I might have had a stroke :wink: or maybe just went into troll lingo…

I don’t understand your question. Mostly because you refer to “as shown below” and then I can’t connect anything of the below to the “specifying the format”…

First I thought “they are writing a list in a markdown file that is not displayed properly”. In this case make sure you have EMPTY lines before and after your list.

# something else
<-- empty line
- First bullet
- Second bullet
- Third way
<-- another empty line

Then I read html file and thought “they are trying to add markdown syntax to a template file”…

That’s not possible. Markdown belongs into the markdown files.

Then I read “single.html” and thought “maybe they are missing the .Content part of their template file”.

If you have your own file /layouts/single.html then they need to have a {{ .Content }} in there somewhere to display the contents of the markdown file.

Whatever it is, please post a public repository where we can check your issue and a more clear explanation of the issue.

I really appreciate your response. really excited for the support. My problem is my markdown file does not show bullets even after i specify the below options in my markdown file in content folder.

  • Red
  • Green

my question is this issue due to my html page layout thats called from the default theme

            {{ with .Content }}

            <div class="work-single-content">

                {{ . }}


            {{ end }}

That’s unusual code. Any reason you’re using with and not…

<div class="work-single-content">
    {{ .Content }}

Just to clarify: is the content of your markdown file (as in, below the front matter) simply two bullet points?

Because there might be empty posts? Like posts where just an images is posted and it’s properties are set in the header? That makes somehow sense to me… I think I have it llike that too in some of my templates :wink:

I think we don’t really understand the issue at hand. It must have to do with markdown in the content files, but I am not sure.