Changing colors on the portfolio theme buttons

I’m using the portfolio theme (GitHub - HugoBlox/theme-portfolio: Easily create your own portfolio website with Hugo.) to make a site that showcases my work. It does a Pinterest style display of portfolio cards and there is a menubar for zooming in on a subset of cards based on tags/categories.

The text of the menubar and the title of the cards is blue and I’d like to make it gray or another color. I have tried every option I could find to change this without success. It seems like it should be as simple as editing the design stanza of the file (theme-portfolio/content/home/ at main · HugoBlox/theme-portfolio · GitHub) but there’s no documentation and the links are broken.

Is this theme dead? Is there a standard convention for configuration items such as color schemes?

You are more likely to receive an accurate and timely response from the Hugo Blox team:

They also have an active Discord channel:

cc: @alcarazr

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Thank you so much for this helpful reply!