Changes on index.html themes does not work

hello everyone and thanks in advance for the help.

Yesterday I spent all day trying to solve a problem with my Hugo project and there was no way, so after a lot of fighting I have no choice but to ask to see if someone puts me on the right track, I don’t have much experience with Hugo, so I hope it’s not trivial.

The project is to make a personal portfolio website, for this I am using this theme:

Which I have forked the theme to my repository:

With the idea of being able to modify it at will and add it as a submodule to my web project since I want to add customizations, including changing the language to Spanish, and here comes the problem, I have located some of the texts to change in the index.html, such as:

<h1 class="uk-heading-line uk-text-center uk-heading-medium"><span>Skills</span></h1>

among many other lines, the question is that no matter how much you modify the html of the theme, when you start the server there is no effect, but I can’t find anywhere else, another html, or configuration file that could be overwriting the modified html and making it invalid…

Things that I have tried, if I have done cntrl f5, tried with another browser, in private mode, I have tried to build the website with the hugo command and it also gives me the html without the changes made, I have updated the repository with my fork with the modifications in case it affected them in any way and neither, I am a bit lost, I would be very grateful if someone can come up with some interesting idea to try!

Perhaps posting a link to your repository could help (not the repository to the modified theme).

Also: I’d not use this theme. They have hard-coded style elements in their HTML, which is a maintenance nightmare. And they use px for dimensions in many places, which is no-go for responsive design.

Example from header.html:

<li><a style="font-size: 18px; text-transform: none" href="/">{{ with .Site.Params.Home }} {{ . }}
{{ end }}</a></li>
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Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately, after the time invested in the effort, I find it too demotivating to abandon it and start from 0, but if the theme can be improved in the aspects you mention, since this is going to be my personal website with my portfolio, I hope to be able to improve the theme myself over time when I gain experience and confidence with all the functionality of Hugo.

The web project repository is:

I’m not sure if it can help in any way, since it’s little more than the original theme with the typical hugo.yml modifications.
But it’s there in case it’s useful.

If I clone that, Hugo bails out because it can’t find a config file. To me, that looks like a repository of the cloned theme, not your project.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to invest more time in that and rather start over afresh. That also makes sure that you don’t end up with more stuff than you absolutely need, and you learn your way through Hugo. Which can be hard, I know.

You are absolutely right.

Paste the link to the repository of the theme, not the project, the correct one is this:

In any case, if you feel so strongly that this topic is not worth pursuing, I’m going to think about it and discard the project for good.
I don’t have the experience nor the time in front development to make a custom theme from 0, but if there is a good theme out there to make a good personal portfolio I listen to suggestions.

I know that hugo in the long term will definitely be worth it and I want to walk the path, but I understand that there are people who fall into the arms of wordpress and the like, hugo is sometimes hard on time and hair loss.

After locally installing the theme (I do not have Go here, so no luck with modules), I

  • do not set your baseurl to localhost:1313. That’s pointless and will create problems later. Simply set it to whatever your baseurl will be ( or so).
  • Instead of “skills”, I see “Habilidades” on your home page, which seems to me to be Castellaño, not English.

But, to re-iterate what I said before about this theme: The “index.html” has more than one h1 element, which is bad.

Also, for more shocking revelations (beware of hair loss ;-), you might want to run your homepage through Chrome’s Lighthouse tool.

As the project was completely in the testing phase and I had no intention of putting it into production for now, I had not given any importance to the baseurl. I don’t know if it could have been a problem to do it like this, and it’s better to always put a real url.

You have a good eye for languages, indeed habilities is the Spanish word for skills or abilities that is one of the changes I was trying to make to localize the theme, since it was hardcoded in the html, the only way I could think of was to touch up the html code which for some reason does not produce any change, if I build the web with the hugo command, or if I start the local server with hugo server, in any case ignore the change and continue to appear the word skill instead of “habilidades”.

i will check Chrome’s Lighthouse, thanks for the advice.

Not here, as I said: I see “habilidades” but not “skills”. I simply cloned your repo and did a hugo server on its content (after, of course, downloading the theme and adjusting the theme parameter in the config file).

Ah sorry, I thought you said that you saw the “skills” written in the html, I didn’t understand that you were referring to the web built locally.

Well, this seems even more confusing to me, because if the change has been applied to you, with the same repository that I am using…

At least a partial solution has occurred to me, it’s for sure not perfect, but I’ll leave it here in case it helps someone in the future. As I have read researching, Hugo gives priority to the html that you have in the project folder, over the theme folder, if I copy the same index.html from the theme and put it inside the layouts folder of the project itself… Suddenly works without problems…

It is a solution even if it is sloppy, but I have the doubt that it was happening so that it did not work for me.

Anayway thanks for your time chrillek, i´m very appreciated.