Changes to how taxonomies are rendered?

I used to be able to list content in the same taxonomy with this code. Today I noticed it stopped working and I am not sure why:

{{ $name := index .Params.stories 0 }}
{{ $name_url := $name | urlize }}
{{ $stories := index .Site.Taxonomies.stories $name }}

{{ range $stories.Pages }}
	{{ .Render "summary" }}

What changed that I didn’t notice about how taxonomies work?

I wonder if this is related to @Alan_Roy 's comment about my code not working here:

@brunoamaral Out of curiosity, do you have a value set for preserveTaxonomyNames in your site’s config?

I had preserveTaxonomyNames = false but that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Or maybe I’m missing something from that thread.