Render single content on taxonomy term page

I’d like to add term-specific content to the landing pages of one of my taxonomies. For instance, say my taxonomy is a tag, for the tag “reptiles” I’d like to add some description to that page that pulls from a corresponding type with matching slug. Any tips on the best way to get started with this?

You could store the descriptions in your config.toml or a data file. You’d setup key(s) that match the tag slugs with values having the descriptions you want. Then on your tag page you can check it’s slug against a value in data file / config. If the key exists, then print the value (the description).

Great suggestion, and I though about that, but I’d prefer to treat these descriptions as items within /content if possible. Since the slug will be exactly the same I’m wondering if there’s a way to construct a URL with the alternate parental path and render the new type within the term template.

This is a known shortcoming of Hugo. More discussion:

@moorereason appreciate the reply. This is exactly the thread I was looking for. Full support for collapsing nodes and pages into a single object. Seems this would immediately remedy the unusual steps needed to implement author pages with associated metadata & will find something workable in the meantime, cheers.

FWIW, there’s a PR to standardize author data that may interest you.

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I’ve been eyeing that thread & plan to implement when I get a chance, rly appreciate you pointing to the right conversations. Just my 2c but I think removing taxonomic / page distinction means author + author archive pages fall out naturally, so to speak. Would love to reconfigure the site with that solution down the road, seems quite elegant. Any notion of the likelihood that will progress?

We’ve discussed removing the Node vs Page distinction. I’m almost positive that will come to pass. It just seems like a no-brainer. Steve has ideas and plans for that (along with a few other major changes), but it will take some work. No ETA.

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