Change text color in ananke

How can I control the color of body text in a theme via config.toml? In Ananke theme I noticed I can change the body background color, text font and header text color, as in:
body_classes = "avenir bg-near-white blue"
How can I change the body font color in Ananke?

This is theme specific. And in many cases hardcoded in a stylesheet. Ask theme author.

@Republic1815, ananke uses, so adding “blue” like you did might work, but, it appears text color is overridden inside <main>. If I were doing it, I’d use the same technique and just make another param for that.

Hey, @Republic1815 To change the text color (of a post) you’d need to change this line:

I’ve added an issue for myself to make that more configurable:

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