Change permalink in multilingual sites

Is it possible to change the permalink for pages in each language?

For example:

English permalink: yes-i-can
Spanish permalink: si-se-puede

Disclaimer: I’ve never created a multilingual site.

In Hugo’s present state, multilingual is not that great. Each language is basically its own site with its own site config. Naturally, the content folder is completely separate, so you can set the Permalink in each page’s front-matter. Search the forums for ideas on what people are doing today.

In the not-to-distant future, Hugo should have multilingual support right out of the box. See the proposed changes at Native Multilingual support in Hugo.

@moorereason Oh really! I thought you just needed one content page for all the language and Hugo would generate the separate pages based on the “Reference Strings in templates” portion of the tutorial:

<h1 class="header">{{ ( index $.Site.Data.translations $.Site.Params.locale ).topslogan }}</h1>

Was that incorrect?

My understanding is that the content pages themselves are separate. So you would have:


The reference strings are for replacing strings in your templates on a site-wide basis.

But again, I’ve never actually built a multilingual site. Maybe someone who’s done this before can chime in. :slightly_smiling: