How different does the domain have to be for multilingual support

For multilingual support, does the URL of the other language have to be completely different?

For example:

or can it be in a subfolder of the domain?


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It can be anything you want, as from a static point of view each language is a separate site (or separate pages). How that is setup, either as subfolders, subdomains or separate URLS is up to you.



could you add more details please?

I have which is all in English.I want to setup in german. i want to have articles like this:
say I The german version would be:

and if there was a way to click some lang button to goto the same article in the language of choice.

how is this best possible? i assume this would of course need two hugo sites setup each on a domain.?


Old post! I don’t remember what was before. But in my opinion the idea still applies. Hugo makes this possible in different ways.

For convenience I wouldn’t make 2 separate sites (I’d want template changes to impact both languages). Last time I did this I used the content params with a flag to each language. And I used the ideas in a previous version of this page to create the content.

The final result is a public folder with separate folders for each language. If you want separate domains, you could then link each domain to each folder, but this part a Hugo thing so not in the scope if this forum.